How to Get a Library Card


The Conant Library is a member of the CW MARS network of libraries. Your CW MARS library card can be used at over 150 locations in Central and Western Massachusetts. Click here for a complete list and map of all CW MARS libraries.


Any resident of Massachusetts may become a registered borrower by showing proof of current address and providing registration information. Anyone who wishes to borrow materials from the Conant Public Library must have either a Conant or CW MARS member library card. Non-residents of Sterling are accorded all the same services as Sterling residents.

Children are encouraged to have their own library card and will be issued a card at any age at the request of a parent or guardian. The parent of a minor child will be financially responsible for fines or material replacement costs attributed to the child. A parent or legal guardian must accompany and provide residence verification for any child under 12. Parents of children under 12 years of age determine whether or not their child has permission to borrow videos. The library does not censor material selected by any cardholder. Children 12 years or older must provide proof of address and registration information in order to obtain a library card.

Before a library card can be issued, all applicants must show identification containing their name and home address. Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Driver's License, Permit, or State ID
  • Automobile Registration
  • Residential property tax statement 
  • Lease or Rental Agreement Current Utility Bill
  • Official photo identification from a school, employer, or government agency
  • Bank Statement or Check Book
  • Piece of Cancelled Mail


A library card is needed each time you borrow materials from the library or to access most of the online services via the Internet. Your card ensures accurate and fast checkout, enables you to borrow materials when our computer system is down and protects your privacy at the Circulation desk.

There is no fee to replace a lost or damaged card. Remember, you are responsible for all materials borrowed on your library card!

Get an eCard


An eCard is a CW MARS library card that you can register for online to access electronic materials, such as ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and databases.

The eCard is for patrons who do not already have a CW MARS library card and may be upgraded to a physical library card with borrowing privileges by visiting your local library. For more information about the eCard, read our FAQ.

You are eligible to apply for a CW MARS eCard, if you...


Follow this link to get an eCard: