Gift Policy


1. Monetary Gifts

  • The library receives and welcomes many financial donations to add to the collection or increase the level of library services.  Some come with a request for specified use and that is honored if it fits with the library’s mission and goals. If an intended use is not specified, the Trustees of the Conant Free Public Library receive donations with the understanding that these gifts made to the library are intended to complement, and not to supplant funding of the library. 
  • Monetary gifts are frequently made to the library in memory of, or in honor of, an individual.  While the subject matter of a memorial gift is suggested by the donor, the library staff selects and purchases books.  A memorial bookplate is placed in the book.

2. Materials Gifts

  • Gifts must meet the same standards for inclusion as items we select and purchase.  Generally, the Library will not accept items that would not be purchased or otherwise added to the collection.  Memorabilia and works of art are examples of the kinds of items that the Library would not buy from its regular budget.
  • Note that many more items are donated than we can add to the collection.
  • If a gift of materials is accepted by the library, the gift shall be final and no restrictions on the library’s ownership, possession, use or disposition of the gift shall be effective.
  • Gifts are accepted with the understanding that the library, if it cannot use them, may at any time dispose of them in any way it sees fit.  No conditions may be imposed relating to any gift after its acceptance by the library.
  • The library will not agree to separate treatment for gift materials.  Donated materials will not be placed on special shelves, or separated from other similar materials already in the library collection.  Placing materials in special collections reduces the usefulness of the overall library collection.