Reference Policy 


Reference assistance is a primary responsibility of the library staff.  All library users are entitled to the help they require to make use of the library’s resources.  Staff will initiate a reference interview, and will actively offer help in locating information or materials in the library.  If the necessary material is not available at our library, staff will recommend interlibrary loan.  All reference requests will be followed up to determine if the response of the library satisfies the patron.
Telephone questions will be handled the same way as in person.  Information may be read over the phone, but not interpreted.  The source will always be cited.  Staff will do a “shelf check” for particular titles for a subject and will set aside materials for pickup, if time allows.
Legal, medical and tax information will be sought as thoroughly as other subjects but staff will not interpret or offer advice.  Staff will refer to authoritative databases, special libraries and published “help lines” when appropriate.
Amended 10/18/2021