Meeting Space Policy


The Baker Meeting Room in the Conant Public Library is available for use by town departments or non-profit groups, when not scheduled for library programs.  The room may be reserved for activities held during hours the library is open.  To request a reservation for the meeting room, call the library at 978-422-6409. 

1. Regulations for Use
  • All meetings shall be free and open to the public.
  • Furnishings must be restored to the conditions existing prior to use.  Library staff is not able to help with furnishing arrangement.  The library is able to provide tables and chairs only.
  • The library does not have space to store materials for a group before or after a meeting.
  • Nothing may be attached to the walls.
  • Library business telephone will be available for emergency use only.
  • Publicity for a meeting may not list the library phone number for further information, nor should it suggest the library endorses the meeting. 
  • The library cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • The Board of Trustees will resolve any situation not covered by this document.
  • Any organization using a library meeting room shall indemnify and hold harmless the Conant Public Library and its Board of Trustees and the Town of Sterling and its officials for any and all liability which may arise from use of the premises.
  • All Town of Sterling ordinances and library regulations must be observed.  Responsibility for this is assumed by the person(s) who sign the application.
  • Current regulations and policies state that:
  • Children nine and under must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times
  • Meetings may not interfere with the activities of library patrons and staff.
  • The library must enforce the fire code capacity of 25.
  • Smoking, alcohol, food and beverages are prohibited.
  • The meeting room privileges of any organization that fails to comply with the policies, procedures, and rules in this document will be rescinded.
2. Cancellations
  • Groups should give as much notice as possible by email or by calling during hours the library is open.
  • The library may cancel due to building conditions, weather conditions, or other special situations.  In non-emergency situations, the library will attempt to give as much notice as possible.
3. Restrictions
  • Under the terms of library policies the following restrictions apply.
  • There can be no solicitation of business. Goods or services may not be promoted, sold, or exchanged.  The one exception is that authors who are giving talks or readings may sign and sell copies of their books.
  • The library is not able to schedule meetings that reoccur on a regular basis, so that future use for library programs is not curtailed.