Behavior Policy


Behavior in the Library and On Grounds

The library is a place to pursue education, instruction, information and recreation in a quiet setting.  If someone’s use infringes on the use of others, the staff has the responsibility to ask that the infringement stop.  The second request will be for the offender to leave the library.
Children nine and under are to be supervised by a responsible adult while on library property.  Supervision is important for the safety of children and for the comfort of other library users.  Library staff is at work and conducting their duties.  They are unable to supervise children.  If in doubt about the safety of a child or any serious behavior problems, the staff will call the parent and may call the police for assistance.
The Children's area is reserved for use by children, their parents or caregivers, and patrons using the children's collections.  Adults and teens unaccompanied by a child may enter the Children's area to obtain books or other materials but extended browsing by unaccompanied adults and teens is not encouraged, and library staff may at their discretion request them to move to another area of the library.
Any person whose behavior is causing a problem for library staff or other users will be expected to give the staff his or her name upon request.  Failure is grounds for ejection.
The library staff member in charge will judge whether or not a behavior is disruptive to library use.  Examples of such behavior include but are not limited to running, unnecessary use of the elevator, threatening or obscene language or gestures, damage to library materials or property, or littering.  The library staff has authority over all library property.
Eating is not allowed inside the library except by staff in the library staff rooms. 
Non- alcoholic beverages are allowed if in a closed container.
Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the library or on library grounds.  Smoking materials must be safely extinguished outside and deposited in the container provided.
Patrons are asked to turn their cell phones to vibrate while in the library.  Talking on cell phones is not allowed in the library.

Proper dress for the library includes shirts and shoes.  A person may be asked to leave the library if his/her personal hygiene interferes with the orderly operation of the library or the ability of patrons to use and enjoy the facility.
Assistive animals are welcome—pets are not allowed inside.
Excessive noise is not allowed in the library, including but not limited to talking or laughing loudly and using audible devices without headphones or with headphones at a volume that disturbs others.