Social Media Policy

The Conant Public Library engages patrons through social media platforms as well as a host of
other communications tools. This policy is to inform users of the rules and regulations regarding
official Conant Public Library social media.

Social media provides a valuable and timely way for the Conant Public Library to share
information and promote library news, events, and resources. It also serves to inspire
conversation and expand the Library’s connection with the community. Only Library events and
information will be promoted through the Conant Public Library’s social media accounts.
Social media platforms used and posts made by the library will be developed to enhance or
provide more effective means of delivery of library functions, including but not limited to:

● Community outreach, marketing and publicity
● Education in use of library resources
● Reader’s advisory services
● Information and reference services
● Library events and programs
● Other library-related uses as deemed appropriate

All official Conant Public Library presences on social media platforms are considered an
extension of the organization and are governed by the library’s policies, including but not limited
to the Internet Use policy and the Behavior policy. By choosing to view, engage with, comment
on, or otherwise use Conant Public Library-sponsored social media, users agree to abide by
these policies.


The Conant Public Library reserves the right to edit or modify any postings or comments for
space or content, while retaining the intent of the original post


When engaging with the Library over social media, users give the Library permission to access,
monitor, and read any postings on the platform.

The Library welcomes comments and messages from the community and recognizes and
respects differences in opinion. Public comments made by users do not necessarily reflect the
views of the Conant Public Library, its employees, or the Town of Sterling. Social media users
should exercise their own judgment about the quality and accuracy of any information presented
through social media.

All comments, posts and messages will be periodically reviewed. Comments that are not
protected by the First Amendment, including the posting of copyrighted material or child
pornography, will be removed. Users are urged to adhere to the guidelines established by the
specific social media host platform.

The Conant Public Library assumes no liability regarding any event or interaction that takes
place by any participant in any library-sponsored social networking-service and does not
endorse or review content outside the pages created by Conant Public Library